Welcome to Diversity Studio – a hub for innovative thinking and creation!

Why Diversity Studio? We celebrate diversity in every shape and form, hence why it plays an important part of who we are and the work produced. Diversity Studio is our way of celebrating the differences which makes us unique. We use our platform as a space for innovative thinking which channels into our creative output. Our work aims to unite us all as a human race – without marginalising groups often left underrepresented.

Have a look at our various projects and initiatives including Diversity Matters, Divercity Arts Project, My Soho Times, My London Times, Let’s Do Lunch and Wrap Star Accessories.

Work with us! We’re a young social enterprise with a strong morals of unity and representation which appeals to our ever diverse and multi-cultural society! We welcome difference as a way to connect with our diverse audiences! Whether its for commissions, projects or workshops were here to take innovative thinking into action! For enquiries email info@diversity-matters.org.uk

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